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August 12th, 2010

09:31 pm - Aussiecon 4 Disability Services Update
For members with hearing impairments: As we have not had any requests, we will not have sign language interpreters at Aussiecon 4. If you need sign language interpreting, please email disabilityservices@aussiecon4.org.au ASAP so we can try to accommodate you.

For members with vision impairments: As we have not had any requests, we will not have audio versions of printed materials. We will, however, offer a large-print version of the program guide, and we will have a CD with the Souvenir Book and Program Guide PDFs so that those with limited vision can use viewer magnification. We've contacted members who have asked about large print; if you have not emailed us about this and wish to have a large-print Program Guide, the CD, or both, please email disabilityservices@aussiecon4.org.au ASAP so that we know how many to produce.

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01:39 am - Mbility Equipment Rental at Aussiecon 4
Great news for those who wish to rent equipment to help with mobility issues at Aussiecon 4: Melbourne Mobility have kindly agreed to give Aussiecon 4 members the 50 percent discount normally offered only to Health Care and Veteran card holders, so electric scooters and wheelchairs will cost only A$14/day. They also rent manual wheelchairs, walking frames, and crutches.

They take cash, visa/mastercard, or cheque.

They would prefer everyone book directly with them, so that they can arrange pickup times/places/etc and to meet individuals and instruct them concerning the equipment.

To book mobility equipment, please contact:

Melbourne Mobility Centre
Ph: +61 3 9650 6499 TTY: +61 3 9650 9316
Freecall (within Australia): 1800 735 266 Fax: +61 3 9650 9491
email: enquiries@melbournemobilitycentre.com.au

Be sure to tell them you are with Aussiecon 4 when you book in order to get the discount.

Note that we've already asked Melbourne Mobility Centre to reserve equipment for those who have contacted Disability Services about scooter rental. If you haven't emailed us about this, we encourage you to contact MMC soon.

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June 25th, 2010

12:29 pm - X-Men, Physical Impairment and Disabling Society
X-Men, Physical Impairment and Disabling Society by alyse17.

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June 11th, 2010

10:46 pm - Two links about sf and disability
Disability in Speculative Fiction: Monsters, mutants and muggles by me (I posted the powerpoint-ish version of this here ages ago but this has extra stuff)

SF and ablism (or: a not-as-such brief thought) by megwrites

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February 9th, 2010

01:37 am - Accessibility at Aussiecon 4 Hotels
In preparation for hotel bookings for Aussiecon 4, the Disability Services group has submitted an accessibility questionnaire to the con hotels. We're posting the results on the Disability Services page as we receive them.

Edited to update URL.

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January 19th, 2010

01:04 pm - Disability in Science Fiction Panel
Hi, I've made up a presentation on disability in Science fiction for an upcoming con (Swancon in
Western Australia)


Make sure to read the notes! (available from the "Actions" menu)

Do people have any thoughts or suggestions?

I'm quite happy for people to adapt the document for their own panels as long as I get credit (that's if you literally cut and paste bits, I don't expect credit if you just find my genius generally inspiring :))

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