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disabled_fandom's Journal

Disabled (SF/F) Fandom
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A community for disabled people and their allies who share an interest in sci-fi/fantasy.
This is a community for fans of science fiction and/or fantasy (SFF) who have disabilities, as well as their allies. The purpose is to discuss SFF works through our particular POVs, talk about who gets it right or wrong and why, and to discuss issues that prevent us from fully participating in the larger SFF fandom community. Or to just shoot the breeze, because sometimes we just need to gab. This community defines "disability" fairly loosely; the word is used because the edges of the term are extremely fuzzy and sometimes people are allies because of their own disabilities that don't have strong or obvious effects on their day-to-day life. (For that matter, the word "disabled" is itself problematic for some people.)

This is a relatively new community, so membership is still open. If participants feel that membership needs to be moderated, that will happen. I'm still in the process of adding suggested interests to maximize the people that see this community, so please point out useful ones I've missed.

Some basic rules:
1. Be respectful. This includes accepting that if someone with a particular disability is telling you that you're being ableist, or that something you've written is problematic, you probably need to STFU and listen.
2. Avoid using derogatory terms for the disabled. This is intended to be a "safer space" for people to talk about their particular thoughts, feelings, and issues. Be aware that different people may use different terminology, so if you're not sure, ask!
3. The moderators reserve the right to freeze discussions if they turn into flamewars. Posts advertising related communities are fine; other spam-posts will be deleted.
4. Please keep posts appropriate for all ages. Fans come in all sizes, shapes, colors, (dis)abilities, religions, and ages, and it is important to be aware of all of these dimensions of other people's lives.

Related communities:
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